Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers should target Miami wing in blockbuster mock trade

With the win-now Cavaliers hoping to lockdown Donovan Mitchell, the team must explore
ways to excel now and Miami's Tyler Herro would propel them forward.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Cavaliers missed out on an incredible opportunity to be in the lottery for the 2024
NBA Draft, with their pick being slotted at the No. 20 spot.

While their spot in the draft can help bolster depth throughout the team, I would be
shocked to see the team keep the pick. A more likely scenario sees them package the first
rounder up and ship it out to continue building a squad around superstar guard Donovan

Throughout the NBA, non-lottery draft picks are almost dismissed as throwaways for contending
teams. As the draft dwindles outside of the lottery, the individuals available are almost always a
work in progress.

Those prospects normally take some guidance and development to become an everyday piece
of a team.

So for the Cavaliers, it would not make much sense to waste time on drafting a player that
would certainly not start and may not even see regular minutes off the bench.

Instead, Cleveland should explore welcoming a fortified starter to The Land.

What would the Cavaliers be looking for exactly?

When exploring opportunities to get better, but also not give up an absurd amount of assets, the
Cavaliers would be looking for a young game-ready guard.

The biggest hole right now on the team is consistency.

In the 2023-24 offseason, the team brought in guard Max Strus and forward George Niang. Both
were expected to be the catalysts for the Cavaliers from beyond the arc. Unfortunately, that
hope was short-lived.

Niang finished the 2024 season posting 45 percent from the field and 37 percent from three-point range while Strus capped off his year with 42 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

While those marks are not bad, both had their fits of inconsistencies and slumps that greatly
hindered the Cavaliers late in contests.

The move of the 20th overall selection has to have consistency in mind.

A man who’s provided a lot of consistency for Miami, young guard Tyler Herro, is just the target.

He finished the most recent NBA season with an average of 20 points, five assists and five
rebounds an outing. For a young player in that type of high-profile market, and with the likes of
forwards Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo commanding a lot of ball play, it proves that Herro can
handle playing with superstar-caliber talent.

For the Cavaliers, that is an important factor around Mitchell and forward Evan Mobley.

In terms of consistency, his marks were higher than both Niang and Strus from beyond the arc
as he drilled 39 percent of his looks.

His three-point percentage in 2023-24 would be the second-highest in his career behind his
2021-22 season. However, this past season marked the highest number of shots made and the
second most shots taken per game.

The Cavaliers need to find constancy, so why not take a chance on Herro?