Grade the Trade: wild 3-team proposal gives Cavaliers perfect second star

NBA trade rumor season is in full swing, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have topped the trending charts with rumors surrounding their core four.
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Do the Cavs say yes?

Losing Garland and Allen will hurt the Cavaliers without a doubt. There is no certainty that the players in return will fit the team, but this might be as sure as the team can be. Bridges has been one of the hottest names on the trade market since he joined the Nets, but Brooklyn cannot afford to accept a stockpile of picks in return since they do not control any of their own for years. In this deal, the Cavs give the Grizzlies Allen and two reliable bench producers in order to compensate them for Jackson and two first-round picks. While the Cavaliers might argue that Porter is worth more, the addition of both Bridges and Finney-Smith is enough to overlook the move.

The Nets are not going to lose Bridges for potential high picks instead of young, growing stars. The Cavaliers can offer that in Garland, and they then move Memphis' firsts to Brooklyn to bring Finney-Smith to the Land, too. Additionally, the Cavs get Memphis' Brandon Clarke as the backup five behind Mobley.

If Cleveland wants to enter the conversation as a favorite to win the East next year, they need to find the right partner in crime for Mitchell and Mobley. Given Bridges' track record as an elite 3-and-D wing and unrelenting ability to play every night, he is quickly identifiable as the best possible answer to the Cavaliers' questions. Finney-Smith also serves as an ideal partner for Mobley in the frontcourt, serving as a versatile defender and deadeye from deep.

While the Cavs enter opening night without any draft picks at their disposal for future deals, they round out their core and break up the log jams they faced the last two seasons. This allows them to invest in Mobley as a full-time center and Mitchell as the primary initiator. With Mitchell moving to the point guard role, the Cavaliers can put Max Strus in the starting backcourt, solving issues with an undersized backcourt with defensive liabilities. Bridges complements everything Cleveland is building towards, and Finney-Smith and Clarke are ideal role players to fill in what the Cavs still need most.

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If the Nets are finally willing to make the right choice and rebuild, they would have a hard time saying no to two young players with limitless potential. The Grizzlies enter next season more fearsome than ever in the Morant era with both Jackson and Allen roaming the paint on defense. For the Cavaliers, the fit is a no-brainer, and they build the best roster around Mitchell that the Louisville guard has ever seen in his career. Every move the Cavaliers make is focused on keeping Mitchell around for his prime. This summer, the Cavs should sell high and make the best all-in opportunity they can find.

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