Grade the Trade: Cavaliers win the offseason in new blockbuster 4-team proposal

Can the Cavaliers find the perfect long-term frontcourt partner for Evan Mobley this summer?
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Do the Cavaliers say yes?

If the Cavaliers cannot sway the Pelicans to include Murphy in this deal, they quickly refuse any other offer New Orleans could realistically present. Losing Allen would signify Mobley moves into a full-time center role, meaning the Cavs must find the perfect frontcourt teammate to maximize what Mobley brings to the table.

In this deal, the Cavs add another elite two-way forward alongside Evan, allowing them to maintain their defensive superiority across the league next season. Defensively, the fit between the two young players is unmistaken, and offensively the fit is quickly recognizable. Last season, Murphy evolved his offensive impact, averaging 14.8 points, 4.9 rebounds and 38 percent from the arc on high volume. Although Murphy played the majority of his minutes as a small forward last season, he maintained his impact at the four without hesitation.

At 23 years old, Murphy's progression in three seasons projects him to be the ideal addition for the Cavs. Murphy's 6-foot 8-inches frame allows him to hold his own as a combo forward, adding versatility to Cleveland's options in how they deploy him. With Cleveland's current wing rotation fairly undersized, Murphy's switchability and athleticism covers the limitations Max Strus and Isaac Okoro have.

Secondly, the Cavaliers reunite with Larry Nance, Jr. in this trade. Nance's time in New Orleans has showcased his value as a secondary center, providing reliable interior defense and floor spacing. With Nance back in his hometown, the Cavs could move Murphy down to the three and Mobley to the four with Strus and Mitchell in the backcourt to allow Garland some rest.

Additionally, the Cavaliers retain their first-round draft pick this year, allowing them to add another wing or floor spacing big man on draft night.

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Overall, this trade makes the Cavaliers' roster more versatile and fearsome than before. Murphy's positional versatility and two-way talent is the perfect trade candidate for the Cavs, and the return of Nance answers Cleveland's troubles to find a long-term backup center. If the Pelicans chase Allen this summer, the Cavaliers should consider moving Allen for any deal that returns Murphy. The Hawks and Spurs might not be willing to enter the negotiations, but the framework is ideal for the Cavs.

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