Darius Garland to the Spurs just makes sense for the Cleveland Cavaliers

A new home is needed, and San Antonio just might be the place for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland.
San Antonio Spurs, Darius Garland
San Antonio Spurs, Darius Garland / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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At 22 years old, Darius Garland has made himself known in the NBA as a shifty, fast-paced guard that can make opponents pay from just about anywhere on the floor. He can hit a three to cut down a deficit or throw a behind-the-back pass to his favorite big man to extend his team's momentum.

The only downside? Those characteristics and attributes only seemed to occur when he was the lead ball-dominant guard. With the Cleveland Cavaliers seemingly hell-bent on signing superstar Donovan Mitchell to a long-term extension, Garland's time in Cleveland may be coming to a close.

But where is the best fit for his future? Where can Darius Garland truly thrive? and more importantly, what can the Cavaliers get in return that's worth their while?

The return for the Cavaliers

The 2024 offseason is looking to be one of the most important offseason stints in Cavaliers history. If Garland is on the move, the San Antonio Spurs have reportedly expressed serious interest in acquiring the former All-Star.

The reason for the claims to be so high and bold stems from the desire for the Cavaliers to compete at a high level in the 2024-25 season. With Mitchell looking to resign, the team bringing in a brand new Head Coach and other systematic changes being made to the organization, they need to be able to make changes to succeed.

Last offseason, they went out and addressed the three-point shooting inconsistencies the team had in the season prior. They were able to lock down guard Max Strus and forward Georges Niang, both of which helped drastically to increase the volume and success rate of the team's perimeter shooting.

This offseason, a common concern seems to be the pieces around Mitchell and the overall depth needed for when he's off the court. To address that, moving a piece like Garland will warrant a sizeable and comfortable return for the Cavaliers.

Spurs x Cavaliers Trade

From the hypothetical trade above, the Cavaliers not only get a star forward in Keldon Johnson but also gain a solid addition to the rotation in guard Tre Jones.

In 2024, Johnson was a key piece in the Spurs organization. He spread the floor for rookie forward Victor Wembanyama and utilized his skill set to capitalize on the one-on-one opportunities that came from the extra looks Wembenyama saw. Through 69 total games, he averaged nearly 16 points, six rebounds and three assists a night.

That type of production alongside Mitchell would be perfect for the Cavaliers.

Off the bench, the team would thrive Jones providing solid playmaking and above-average shooting. The 41st pick in the 2020 NBA Draft knocked down 10 points per game and dished off six assists per outing for San Antonio last season.

Of the 77 games he played in, he started in 48 of them, proving that if he needs to be relied upon in a more high-volume role, he can be. Come the back half of seasons when starters normally get rest due to load management or slight injury, Jones' involvement in the rotation would be boosted heavily.

He has also been a defensive rock for the Spurs the past two campaigns, averaging an assist a game each year.

Not to mention both players are just 24 years old and are in the heat of their careers. For a team looking to find a deep playoff run, the young talent the Cavaliers would receive in this trade would boost their ceiling drastically.

They also would receive a first in this year's draft, which they can use to select another individual to add to their rotation. This one, more than likely, would certainly be a center or defensive big-bodied forward. Then, at that point, the team's 10-12-man lineup would be set. The 2027 pick is also important because the Cavaliers do not have a first-rounder under full-team control outside of this year until 2030.

Now that we have addressed how this trade affects and helps the Cavaliers, how does this trade affect the fifth overall selection in the 2019 NBA Draft, Darius Garland?