Crafting the perfect offseason moves for Cleveland Cavaliers this summer

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Add another veteran floor spacer to their frontcourt

If the Cavaliers have learned anything this season, it is that they play their best when they can put one of their frontcourt players on the perimeter. Dean Wade and Georges Niang provide Cleveland the offensive boom needed, and Evan Mobley has even begun showcasing range with improved form and confidence.

At the start of the season, the Cavaliers' frontcourt duo of Mobley and Allen seemed to be teetering on unplayable. Discussions around the two big men centered on which one should be on the trade block first. Given the growth both players have shown this year, the conversation is beginning to lean in favor of keeping the pair together. Together, Cleveland's defense can stifle almost any offensive scheme. Offensively, Allen and Mobley are consistently becoming more untouchable by the day.

Adding another floor spacer to the end of their frontcourt rotation would allow the Cavaliers to maintain their free-flowing offense that has led to their recent surge to the top of the East.

Trade their draft pick and go all-in

Finally, if the Cavaliers can retain Donovan Mitchell, they need to be buyers in the offseason and move whoever they select in the 2024 first round to evolve into a powerhouse. While the Cavs should still explore intriguing prospects, their chance to win now will not be drastically improved in this draft. The Cavaliers should instead look to package their pick in a larger trade to solidify their rotation.

The perfect offseason trade targets are not clear yet for the Cavaliers, but their postseason performance will be the guiding force behind their offseason plans. Currently, there is no need to make any dramatic changes to the foundation of the team. This year's draft pick should be used as a way to sweeten a deal for a proven player at whatever position they find most vulnerable by the start of the summer. Additionally, if the Cavs fall short in the playoffs again, then a young prospect could help them come to terms on a larger trade to restructure their core for a major bid at the Finals next year.

In the end, the course to an ideal offseason should not include breaking up a young star frontcourt or moving on from a superstar captain right now. As Mobley perfects his game and Mitchell continues to show his love for being on the team, the Cavaliers are in position to establish themselves in the upper echelon of contenders with a strategic yet conservative summer.

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