The 7 Greatest Cavaliers in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

The players in Cavaliers history with the highest Player Efficiency Rating in franchise history

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two
Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. Donovan Mitchell - 22.8

In just under two full seasons with the Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell has already made an unforgettable impact on the trajectory of the team. After losing in the Play-In Tournament in 2022, Mitchell joined the team and led them to their first 50-win season since LeBron James. There is much left to be said and done in Mitchell's time in Cleveland, but the start is setting up for a historic run if he sticks around.

Since arriving, Mitchell and Irving have been heavily compared in their impact on the Cavs. With Mitchell only 1.5 points ahead of Irving, the comparisons and talent of both players deserves recognition and appreciation. Mitchell joined Cleveland in the midst of his best professional years. Irving started as a rookie, hurting his overall efficiency. As time goes on, MItchell and Irving will continue to be two of the greatest Cavaliers ever, especially if Mitchell extends his tenure with a new contract this summer. While outside commentators want to see Mitchell in New York, the latest indicators point to Mitchell staying put and being happy.

Mitchell earned his first All-NBA team spot with the Cavs after just one season and was on track for another before falling below the league's new 65-game rule for regular season accolades. Mitchell also began to receive MVP buzz for his leadership and endurance throughout the Cavs' injury woes.

With career highs in points, assists and rebounds over two seasons with Cleveland, it is not hard to see why Mitchell is on this list. He entered Cleveland a multi-time All-Star and is only getting better. As the Cavaliers build around Mitchell, his efficiency and place in the NBA is only set to grow more and more.