5 teams who should trade for Darius Garland from the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer

Darius Garland's Cavaliers tenure may come to an end earlier than expected this offseason.
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Since Darius Garland's 2019 draft selection by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the talented point guard has found himself in the shadow of another ball-dominant scoring guard. In Shams Charania's end-of-season article surrounding the Cavaliers, Garland may be looking for a change of scenery and role if Donovan Mitchell sticks around with Cleveland.

While Mitchell's contract extension is not a guarantee for the Cavaliers, Charania mentioned a growing sentiment that the superstar guard would stay put and agree to a lucrative new deal. In that case, Garland's agent, Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul, will meet with Cleveland's front office to discuss a new hometown for the one-time All-Star point guard. In Garland's single season as the leading guard for the Cavs, he earned his single All-Star appearance after two seasons alongside Collin Sexton and playing a diminished role. Since Mitchell's arrival, he has never reclaimed his illustrious role as a top option.

Donovan Mitchell will be eligible for a four-year, $200.4 million extension with the Cavaliers as of the start of free agency on June 30. While Mitchell may opt to ask for a trade himself, Mitchell's public display of love for the Cleveland organization on Twitter (X) suggests his intentions are more likely to stay with the Cavaliers rather than leave. The ramifications for this decision would be major, with both Garland and Jarrett Allen becoming available on the trade market afterward, per Evan Dammarell of Right Down Euclid.

Darius Garland might need a new team than the Cavaliers to reach his ceiling

In a radio interview with ESPN Cleveland following the news of Garland's potential trade request, ESPN insider Brian Windhorst confirmed that Darius and Donovan are not "at each other's throats" and is purely a move based on fit. At 24 years old, Garland has yet to reach his full potential as a star in the NBA, but he would likely never recognize it behind Mitchell in Cleveland. For his personal growth and legacy, it may be inevitable that Garland finds a new home in the case of a Donovan Mitchell extension in the early offseason.

Garland's departure may be one of many, as the Cavaliers enter this offseason with various members of the organization potentially suited to move to their next team. With Garland on the market, a wide array of franchises will be chasing an opportunity to add the talented guard, viewing his downward production this season as a result of an abnormal fortune with injuries and a backseat role behind Mitchell.

From contenders to aspiring future contenders, Darius Garland will command a haul in return as one the largest names in trade rumors this summer. The Vanderbilt prospect has shown countless times that his flashy drives to the rim and high-IQ kick-outs to shooters can elevate his teammates and the organization supporting him.

With Mitchell's contract extension more likely than not after the star reached out to Woj to express his love for the organization and his teammates, these five teams should be calling the Cavaliers the moment Garland's agent requests a change of scenery.