5 Cleveland Cavaliers who definitely won't be back next season

From coaches to players, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no choice to make major changes this offseason after losing in five games to the Boston Celtics in Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two
Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Following their season's end to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Seminfinals, the Cleveland Cavaliers may be poised for major shifts in personnel and leadership this offseason as a result.

Roster fits and coaching have been contentious topics among Cleveland fans for the past two seasons, and while the team achieved greater success than last year, the Cavs have not found answers as they build toward the NBA Finals. Their best stretches of the season came during prolonged absences of two of their core players, leaving more question marks than certainties as the Cavaliers head into the offseason. According to a bombshell report by Shams Charania of The Athletic, this summer might force Cleveland to answer those concerns whether they want to or not.

Thankfully for the Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell may be the first name to stick around in the wine and gold. On the subject of Mitchell, Charania noted that "there is a growing sentiment around the league that the Cavaliers will be able to position themselves to receive [Donovan Mitchell's] commitment for a lucrative contract extension." While the Cavs would surely welcome a longer relationship with the All-NBA guard, his commitment will force Cleveland to part ways with other beloved members of the organization.

5. Jarrett Allen cannot return to Cleveland's frontcourt

Since joining the Cavs in 2021, Jarrett Allen has defined Cleveland's stifling defense with his dominant interior presence and vocal leadership on the court. His tenure with the Cavaliers has been more than positive, and the latest generation of Cleveland success would not have happened without him. However, Evan Mobley's flourishing moments as the leading big man in the postseason after Allen was sidelined with a punctured rib will likely push Allen out this summer.

Despite stellar defense, the offensive fit between Allen and Mobley has never manifested. With Mobley's high ceiling and younger age, the Cavaliers will undoubtedly choose the third-year big man over their veteran. Allen's $20 million salary is also a perfect contract to entice possible suitors in a deal, easily laying a framework for the deal.

Additionally, the locker room fit for Allen may be in question after the Game 5 loss. One of the many Shams Bombs in the latest article mentioned that Jarrett refused an injection that would numb his rib pain to play through the injury during the second round.

""Few if any, members of the organization doubted the discomfort Allen has been in since the injury, but the frustration among some members of the team was that he refused an injection to try and numb the pain and play.""

Shams Charania, The Athletic

Allen was one of Cleveland's most durable players throughout the year, playing in 81 consecutive games between the regular season and playoffs. If he was not comfortable playing, there was a good reason. He played through injury since Game 1 of the first round after a blow to his ribs, but a Game 4 elbow from Orlando Magic forward Franz Wagner pierced his right rib and forced him out of action. In the games without Allen, Mobley shined as the lone center, signaling a divorce on the horizon for the starting frontcourt duo.

With Donovan Mitchell's extension looming and the clear need to resolve the frontcourt fit, the Cavaliers cannot bring Allen back to the wine and gold. Too many teams will show interest in Allen's talents to stay quiet this offseason.