4 underrated trade prospects Cleveland Cavaliers should target this offseason

Alongside star trade rumors, the Cavaliers should explore deals to build their depth in two key areas.
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No. 4 - Simone Fontecchio, Detroit Pistons

Last trade deadline, the Detroit Pistons added Simone Fontecchio to their ranks from the Utah Jazz. The Italian forward distinguished himself last season as an undiscovered 3-and-D gem with the Jazz. Fontecchio knocked down 40.1 percent of his threes and helped spur an unexpected, versatile defense with Utah.

This summer, Fontecchio enters restricted free agency with an expectation to receive a well-deserved pay raise. At 28 years old, the Pistons might not view Fontecchio a long-term fit for the young roster's timeline. If Detroit searches for an opportunity to replace Fontecchio with a young wing, the Cavaliers could explore a double sign-and-trade to exchange Fontecchio with Cleveland's own RFA Isaac Okoro. Following Okoro's disappointing playoff run, the Cavs might be prepared to move Okoro for a more experienced veteran two-way forward. Swapping Okoro for Fontecchio could be a clean swap, giving the Cavaliers a combo forward who can play in either a starting or bench role with little difficulty.

Unfortunately, Fontecchio has not experienced the NBA Playoffs yet in his two-year NBA tenure. During his time playing international basketball, Fontecchio added a wealth of high-level competition to his resume, including multiple championship runs in the Italian Super Cup with Olimpia Milan. He also won the 2017 Italian National Cup with the same team and competed in the 2021 Olympic Games for Italy.

The move for Fontecchio gives Cleveland an option at both the small and power forward spots with proven ability on the arc.

Adding another star to the Cavaliers can elevate Cleveland's immediate ceiling, but they must target long-term depth as well. As the Cavs grow more expensive over the years, their chances to swap talent becomes increasingly difficult. While they remain under the restrictive tax aprons, Cleveland can target high-end role players to complement their core stars.

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