4 realistic trade proposals to add size and depth to Cleveland Cavaliers

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Who the Cleveland Cavaliers would give up in a trade

Plenty of speculation has surfaced regarding a blockbuster deal to amp up Cleveland's starting five. The primary player mentioned is Jarrett Allen, as the Cavaliers may look to shift Evan Mobley to the starting center and add an athletic forward who can space the floor alongside him. Bickerstaff's comments narrow into bench size, though, rather than any debates on the starting lineup.

Looking at the Cavs' reserves, they have a multitude of midsize, easily stacked contracts. The first player with the most value and best contract is Isaac Okoro. He will enter restricted free agency this summer, but his expiring $8.9 million salary is a perfect starting point for any team interested in the young defensive powerhouse.

Additionally, Ricky Rubio's $6.1 million contract only increases to $6.4 million next season before it expires. Since he has stepped away from basketball, the Cavaliers have not had any way to reinsert the veteran point guard into the team culture or rotation at all. With the emergence of Porter, Jr. as a hidden gem for a backup guard, Rubio's position on the team may be gone. Instead, the Cavs could add him to a trade for salary matching.

Finally, one of (or a combination of) Damian Jones, Ty Jerome and Sam Merrill (non-guaranteed) could be a sweetener for the right deal.

Who could the Cavaliers get for this price in the middle of the NBA season? The Cavs have 14 roster spots filled, leaving one open for another player. Instead, if the Cavaliers take back an extra player, this would open up another roster spot to convert Porter to a full deal (and possibly Emoni Bates).