3 increasingly bold Darius Garland trade proposals Cavaliers have to consider this summer

Cleveland Cavaliers v Minnesota Timberwolves
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Trade Proposal No. 1 - Cavaliers pair Garland with another unicorn

If there is any archetype of player that Darius Garland has proven he thrives playing with, it is a versatile big man with star potential. Trading Garland to the San Antonio Spurs to pair with Victor Wembanyama has already been discussed recently. Still, the Cavaliers could get a better return if they opt to send DG south in a draft-night deal.

Garland to Spurs 2.0

This trade would have to take place either on draft night or shortly thereafter, as the Cavaliers cannot trade this year's pick until they make a selection due to the Stepien Rule, named after the most infamous owner in Cleveland sports history. In this deal, Cleveland sends Garland to the Spurs in return for a young dynamic wing and a veteran point guard alongside a high draft pick this season (top six protected) and another in 2027 from the crumbling Atlanta Hawks.

While the Spurs get the best player in this trade, the Cavs add two players who could instantly help Donovan Mitchell and impact winning. They also get two first-round picks which could be packaged in a future trade or kept in case of emergency. This deal does not give Cleveland a genuine star for Mitchell, making it less favorable from the Cavaliers' perspective.

Following this trade, the Cavaliers could explore another option with a Western Conference team who is in search of a star point guard.