Grade the Trade: new proposal deals Cavaliers star and forces a hard truth

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There's no way around it - Darius Garland has had a perplexing fifth season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Questions swirl around the Cavaliers' backcourt regarding the long-term fit between Garland and Donovan Mitchell. Those questions and concerns have existed since the pair first joined forces, often being compared to the problems witnessed with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum in Portland as an undersized backcourt with little defensive prowess.

Since becoming teammates, the two guards have shined individually, but this season Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff has intentionally staggered their minutes and has avoided playing them together as much as seemingly possible. A portion of this derives from Garland's earlier jaw injury that sidelined him for over a month, since Mitchell had found his groove as the sole ballhandler over that stretch. Still, when a team's best players are better playing without each other, dissenters and local fans will have lingering thoughts if a split is inevitable.

Surprising fan trade brings new perspective to Cavaliers backcourt duo

After a failed first postseason together and a late-season slump with Garland at the helm without Mitchell around, the discussion around an early divorce in Cleveland's backcourt has reappeared. This time, fans and rival fanbases are not targeting drawing Spida off the Cavs. Instead, Garland's name is headlining the deal, and a new mock proposal sending DG south is making rounds online.

Although the trade deadline has passed this season, fans are already looking to offseason moves for their favorite (or least favorite) teams. Taking a look at this trade, it might seem crazy at first, but it raises worthwhile questions regarding Darius Garland and his Cavs future.