3 burning questions for the Cleveland Cavaliers ahead of the playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers v Charlotte Hornets
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Will J.B. Bickerstaff take advantage of his depth?

What head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has done for the Cavs this season has been nothing short of amazing. The team’s season outlook became uncomfortably grim when it was announced that Garland and Mobley would be out for an extended period. Bickerstaff revamped the offense, emphasizing putting up more three-pointers, playing with more movement, and picking up the pace. He has been masterful.

For Bickerstaff, though, last season was a rough and daunting postseason. His rotations were questionable, like giving Ricky Rubio playing time, giving up on Isaac Okoro too early and not inserting Lamar Stevens into the rotation for an energy boost until the very end. Bickerstaff also did not adjust his offense or experiment with one big lineup enough, which contributed to the Cavs’ early exit.

One year removed, he has done a better job of adjusting to the personnel he has, and that has allowed the Cavs to discover pieces that can help them in the playoffs. Unexpected contributors like Sam Merrill and Craig Porter Jr. have been unsung heroes for the team this season and have earned playoff minutes - Merrill especially.

Bickerstaff has said that he prefers eight to nine-man rotations. When healthy though, the Cavs easily have 12 guys that they can play in their rotation. Will Bickerstaff take advantage? Or will he be stuck in his ways?

Despite being better equipped for the postseason than last year, there are still questions about this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers squad. These questions will be answered sooner rather than later, but whether the answers are good or bad, they will shape the organization’s future in a big way as contract extensions and possible changes enter the fray.

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