2 Cavaliers who are untouchable, 2 who are expendable this summer

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Georges Niang is expendable for the Cavaliers

In his first season with the Cavaliers, Georges Niang has displayed a true veteran presence and fits into the team's culture perfectly. Unfortunately, his on-court impact is uncertain night-to-night. Role players are never expected to have rock-solid consistency, but Niang has hardly shown what has made him a three-point specialist in the league.

Still, Niang is not a regrettable signing for the Cavs. He contributed valuable minutes and adds to Cleveland's depth and playoff experience. On-court statistics and box scores are not the only factors in a player's worth. Niang should by no means be desperately shopped around the league this summer. He is not a negative asset to the team. It would not be a jaw-dropping surprise to see the Cavaliers agree to a trade that involved sending Niang to a different team before next season, though.

The free agent market this summer does not host a long list of All-NBA talents, but there will be plenty of proven veterans available, some who would fit Niang's role. Entering the offseason, the Cavs do not need to make a big decision with Niang, considering his descending salary and positive production this year. Although he is in a down season from deep, Niang has the track record to make the case for one more opportunity. Nonetheless, the Cavs will likely still look for another stretch forward who might steal some of Niang's minutes.

By the time the offseason starts, everything can change. The Cleveland Cavaliers have to be better than they were last posteason in order to have a successful summer like they had last year. Through every trial, though, these players have all played their role in getting the Cavs back to prominence once again in the East after a rocky start to the season. Regardless of any changes this summer, these players have earned respect and appreciation.

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