3 aging veteran free agents Cavaliers could sign on short-term deals

Kevin Love, Miami Heat. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Kevin Love, Miami Heat. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

With NBA Free Agency beginning soon, NBA fans could expect some big changes coming to their favorite teams. With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), many teams will have to take a different approach with signing players. A lot of players will no longer be able to have the expensive as well as long-term deals they were accustomed to the past few seasons.

Instead, they might have to take a lot of short-term deals unless they are stars. Many of these players are veterans who may be looking for a ring. The Cleveland Cavaliers could possibly be the team to give these players that illustrious opportunity at a championship.

This past season was the Cavaliers’ first time making the playoffs since LeBron James’ departure to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Cavs did make the Play-In Tournament the year before, but unfortunately, they could not grab an official playoff seed. This time around, sadly, the Cavs did not advance past the first round and underachieved against the New York Knicks.

One reason may have been their lack of experience as well as veteran leadership. Fortunately, the Cavaliers have the opportunity to rectify that during free agency.

There are a lot of veteran players who could be good signings for the Cavs this offseason. Although in this instance, we’ll be going over three of them. Let’s begin with the former Cavalier, Kevin Love.

Potential Cavs veteran target No. 1: Kevin Love

Yes, yes, the Cavs and Love agreed to a buyout last season, but here me out. Besides not trading for a small forward at the trade deadline, the Cavs’ buyout of Kevin Love was the worst mistake they could have made, at least in how they handled his situation.

He didn’t do all that much while on the Cavaliers last season, largely due to a thumb injury, but he turned it up for the Miami Heat during the playoffs. He was a big help for the Heat’s frontcourt and had a hand in getting them to the NBA Finals. If the Cavs had held onto him, they could have done a lot better during the playoffs.

His experience could have aided the Cavaliers young core immensely and he would have been an amazing leader for the bench. Besides, Love has made the NBA Finals every year he has played in the playoffs. Maybe he could have gotten the Cavs to the Finals, ultimately. With those things in mind, Cleveland potentially bringing Love back with some of their $12.4 million Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception could be a good move for their bench.

The second player the Cavs should consider signing is Dwight Howard.

Potential Cavs veteran target No. 2: Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard would be a much better option to have at the backup center spot than Robin Lopez.

Howard was regularly an All-Star earlier on in his career and won a ring with the Lakers. His experience with both of those things would be beneficial for the Cavs. Howard would also boost the Cavs defense and rebounding, which for a veteran’s minimum player, would be meaningful.

After all, he’s a three-time Defensive Player of the Year; plus, Howard could help Evan Mobley possibly become a multiple time DPOY as well.

Moving on from there, the last veteran player that the Cavs should take a long look at is DeMarcus Cousins.

Potential Cavs veteran target No. 3: DeMarcus Cousins

Cousins is the only player out of these players to not receive a ring, but he is a former All-Star just like Love and Howard. Cousins could help with Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley’s development and could be a great mentor for both of them.

He may not be a Defensive Player of the Year like Howard or a leader like Love, but he could be an impactful backup center for this young Cavaliers team on feasibly a veteran’s minimum deal. This would be, of course, health-depending with Cousins.

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Hopefully, Koby Altman can make the right moves during free agency and get the Cavs the guys they need to make a run at a title.