Cleveland Cavaliers: Jarrett Allen clinches first double-double season

Cleveland Cavaliers big Jarrett Allen rebounds the ball. (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
Cleveland Cavaliers big Jarrett Allen rebounds the ball. (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

The way things have shaken out, Jarrett Allen appears to be a member of the young core for the Cleveland Cavaliers heading into coming years.

The 23-year-old 5 has typically made his presence felt on both ends of the floor for Cleveland since being acquired via trade from the Brooklyn Nets in mid-January, and did previously with Brooklyn.

Allen is not what one would consider a catch-and-shoot threat, by and large, at this point, but there have been flashes in that realm. I could foresee that coming along more in coming years with the Cavaliers, too, albeit we’ll have to see.

He has proven to be a high quality screener, though, and the same goes with him as a vertical spacer/lob threat, and Allen has proven to have a budding chemistry with Darius Garland. Collin Sexton and Allen’s two-man game has made strides, to go with that, too, and to an extent, with Isaac Okoro.

On the other end of the floor, while Allen did not necessarily end out the season at his best all the time in a general sense, he still has shown plenty of rim protection capabilities and has had his career average of 1.4 blocks per outing with Cleveland. His prior concussion/absence likely didn’t aid him in that way initially, for context.

In any case, Allen has again looked to be a rock solid interior player on both ends of the floor for the Cavs, and would seem highly likely to be around for years to come.

And as of the Cavaliers season finale on Sunday, though in a loss at the Nets, Allen locked up his first season averaging a double-double. Factoring in Cleveland and Brooklyn, had 12.8 points and 10.0 rebounds per contest.

This was noteworthy from Allen, who looks to be a core piece for the Cavs.

Allen again didn’t necessarily end out on the highest note, but in his last 10 games active, still did have 10.2 points and 10.7 rebounds per contest, and Garland missing most of those games because of a left ankle sprain didn’t help. That’s with their two-man game in mind.

Nonetheless, Allen once again has proven to be a quality trade acquisition, and his presence inside has made a difference in altering shots, being that vertical threat inside and his screening has often been on-point. I’m not discounting Allen’s finishing touch, either.

As the tweet above seemingly noted as well, Allen has done a nice job as a glass cleaner, both previously with the Nets, even as more so a bench player this season, and with the Cavaliers as mostly a starter.

On both ends of the floor, he has by and large been making a difference in that way for the Wine and Gold, and Allen’s putbacks have provided energy. I’d expect that to continue moving forward.

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Similarly, I’d anticipate that’s the case for Allen as a shot alteror/rim protector on the defensive end.

That’s with the estimation that the Cavaliers will end up securing Allen as a long-term piece this upcoming offseason. Allen is set to be a restricted free agent, and he’ll get compensated handsomely, one would assume.

Prior reports seemingly stated that Allen could get in the ball park of $20 million per year, via restricted offer sheet it appeared. And recently, one NBA agent believes Allen could receive up to $25 million per year, per a report from Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer (subscription required).

Pluto did touch on that negotations, per that agent, could start at “$100 million for five years,” and could perhaps get up to the aforementioned rate for five seasons, though, to be clear.

Granted, that’s one agent, so we’d have to see, and I’d think that $20 million per year range, given Allen is not a bonafide perimeter shooting presence at this juncture, could be more realistic. Sexton’s camp, on the same subject, could potentially seek a max extension offer this summer with him extension-eligible, per Pluto’s report, who noted to not “be surprised” if his camp is seeking that.

Either way, I would imagine that the Cavaliers will end up matching an offer sheet if need be for Allen, who is only 23.

Although he needs to progress offensively in my opinion as a shooter, there have been flashes, and his touch and finishing with authority on the interior shouldn’t be glossed over.

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Moreover, Allen clinching his first double-double season, in what was Year 4 for him, was notable. Plus, in his previous three seasons with Brooklyn, he didn’t receive over 27.0 minutes per outing.