Cavs recent tweet highlights how Collin Sexton is trending up

Cleveland Cavaliers Collin Sexton dunks all over Chicago Bulls big Wendell Carter Jr. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers Collin Sexton dunks all over Chicago Bulls big Wendell Carter Jr. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton has exceeded expectations.

I know, I know, I know. Collin Sexton shouldn’t be considered a finished product for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He needs to show more growth as a passer in coming years, and especially off-ball, Sexton needs to improve defensively.

Even taking that into account, though, Sexton is off to a pretty darn good start to his career for the Wine and Gold, and him leading Cleveland in scoring in 2019-20 with 20.8 points per game was absolutely something. In Sexton’s last 32 games active of this now-past season, he had 23.6 points per contest, too.

What’s jumped out from Sexton’s first two seasons has clearly been his perimeter shooting progression, which has factored into his overall output.

Sexton thus far has hit 39.2 percent of his three-point attempts, and leading into the NBA season’s novel coronavirus-induced hiatus and ultimately the end of 2019-20 for Cleveland, Sexton in that aforementioned span hit 44.9 percent from deep.

That start to his career is not too shabby from beyond the arc, particularly with how coming into the NBA, Sexton’s three-point shooting was a weakness.

And Collin’s ability to hit off-the-catch, and with no hesitation in year 2, has been huge. Sexton hit 35.0 percent of his pull-up three-point attempts in year 2 as well, per’s shot tracking data.

In addition to the deep shooting, though, Sexton came into his second season noticeably bigger and stronger, and that aided him as a finisher. Sexton showing the ability to change speeds off-the-bounce really paid off for him in the pull-up and floater game in year 2, too.

Overall, the way Sexton has cemented himself as Cleveland’s primary option looking onward, even with Kevin Love in the fold, has been impressive. And with how he closed out this now-past season, it’s apparent that Collin’s on an upward trajectory.

A recent Cleveland Cavaliers tweet highlights that about him, too.

Along those lines regarding Sexton trending up, a recent Cavs tweet from Tuesday was right on the mark.

This tweet from the Wine and Gold was spot-on in relation to Collin, and with next season in mind. With the “where/how it started” tweets flying around in recent days, it was fitting for the Cavaliers to flash back to Sexton’s start, when he lit it up in Summer League play and then moved to him in the Cavs in-market bubble team workouts, which wrapped up last week.

It was on-point, both figuratively, with how Sexton has exceeded expectations, at least from my perspective, and is trending up, and with how Sexton is literally, getting way up for a 6-foot-1 guard and throwing down a jam.

We saw Collin have 23 dunks in year 2, and there were a few times when he threw it down over the opposition, too, in large part due to him getting stronger.

And in what’s essentially been an extended offseason due to COVID-19 concerns, this tweet somewhat hits on how Sexton has also put on 10-15 pounds of good weight seemingly since 2019-20 game play was halted for Cleveland as well. That should only aid him in hopefully further progression in year 3/coming years, too.

Collin Sexton demonstrated passing and cutting growth in year 2 as his past season wore on, additionally, and while the defensive metrics don’t necessarily illuminate it, he did show improvement on-ball on that end I believe.

So, looking onward, and with that Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday tweet in mind here, I’d say it’s been going pretty well for Sexton, who is trending up, thanks to a maniacal work ethic and him seeming to be as competitive as it gets.

I truly can’t wait to see the Young Bull, alongside pieces such as Darius Garland, Kevin Love, Kevin Porter Jr. and others, be back in game action for the Wine and Gold next season.

Now, the natural question, though, is, with how it’s been going, what’s eventually going to be the final destination for the Young Bull? I’m not exactly sure what the ceiling is for Collin, but he’s shattered expectations thus far, and with the insane worker he is, who knows what he can end up being at some point, really?

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As this recent Cavs tweet highlights, Sexton is simply on the up and up, and something tells me he’s going to put more opponents on posters next season.