3 potential starting lineups for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2021-22

2021 NBA Draft prospect Cade Cunningham brings the ball up the floor. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
2021 NBA Draft prospect Cade Cunningham brings the ball up the floor. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Cade Cunningham, Cleveland Cavaliers
Guard Cade Cunningham of the Montverde Academy Eagles greets teammates during pregame introductions. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Potential 2021-22 starting lineup #1 for the Cleveland Cavaliers: Cunningham-Sexton-Kevin Porter Jr.-Love-James Wiseman

In this scenario in the 2020 NBA Draft, the Cavs end up with a top three pick, and end up selecting James Wiseman, who briefly played for Memphis, but was ruled ineligible/suspended by the NCAA and withdrew from school.

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Wiseman is an enigma and he certainly has his flaws, and it doesn’t help that he only played in three games at Memphis.

You can also make an argument that taking a center like Wiseman who is realistically a non-shooter at this point and is limited offensively in terms of creating his own offense doesn’t really fit the NBA anymore.

You can also argue taking a prospect like that is similar to taking a running back in the top five in the NFL draft.

It’s a big reason why I don’t see the Cavs paying Drummond big money long term, but he could be a nice expiring trade piece at some point during next season, assuming he’s back.

Also, currently, I believe Love, who is at this point set to make $91.5 million over the next three seasons, is untradeable, because of the current novel coronavirus pandemic set to impact teams/cap, him going to be 32 in September, and while Love is still a very good player, he isn’t an All-Star anymore.

What Wiseman does bring, though, is someone who has the potential to be a defensive anchor/ elite shot blocker and someone that could be a Defensive Player of the Year some day, under the right circumstances.

Obviously, the best thing for the Cavs would be winning the 2021 NBA Draft and winning the right to draft Cunningham. Cunningham would be the franchise centerpiece the Cavs are looking for.

He’s a versatile player, very good scorer/terrific slasher, and Cunningham, who had 6.4 assists per game last season for the undefeated Montverde Academy Eagles, is Luka Doncic-like as a playmaker. He has impressive defensive instincts, too.

His selection would really help Sexton, with him being the primary playmaker and Cade being able to guard the opposing team’s best guard as well, as he also is listed at 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, per 247 Sports.

Again, Sexton next to Cunningham would be an ideal fit for Sexton. He wouldn’t have to be the primary ball handler/playmaker or guard the opposing team’s best guard.

With the way Sexton played in 2019-20, especially after the All-Star break, when he averaged 25.5 points per game leading into the season’s hiatus, he’s earned the right to be the starting 2 guard.

For Kevin Porter Jr., of the current Cavs players, he probably has the most upside and while many view him as a 2, I think he can eventually play the 3, which he held his own at to a large extent this season there, and he could find a way to get into the starting lineup there in this scenario.

The second potential 2021-22 Cavs’ starting lineup is one involving a promising playmaker from this next draft.