Cavs: 5 guests who’d be awesome to hear from if LeBron James documentary were to be made

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#4: Kevin Love

Kevin Love would be a great guest to hear from in a potential LeBron doc, too.

It was an adjustment for Love to play alongside LeBron and Kyrie Irving (for three years), but he eventually fit in really well, and I’d just be particularly intrigued to hear Love’s perspective about James’ basketball IQ and work ethic.

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Love’s spoken so glowingly about that from James, and in addition, it’d be pretty cool to hear more about LeBron’s approach in the postseason.

Plus, I’d be curious to hear about how LeBron affected Love in terms of making an off-floor impact.

Love has been such a vocal advocate and led the way in helping spread the importance of mental health awareness, and that dates to back when he was James’ teammate.

With how LeBron has always been such a driving force and leader off the floor, such as in helping found the “I Promise School” in Akron, I’d be interested to hear how LeBron’s inspired Love to make an impact off the floor, too.

Love has also stepped up in a huge way during such a difficult time in regards to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and seemingly started a heck of a trend with being the first NBA player to help compensate employees/game event staff that were affected by the NBA’s season suspension.

Love donated $100,000 through his fund to help compensate Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse employees/game event staff given that suspension, and has also touched on how he believes during this time, athletes should be “community leaders.”

Again, I’d be particularly interested to hear from a five-time All-Star in Love about LeBron’s work ethic, basketball IQ and how James has affected Love and others off the floor.