Cleveland Cavaliers Should Sign Robert Griffin III


Robert Griffin III needs a place to call home, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are actually perfect for him. 

The world of sports is an unforgiving place if you underperform or get on the wrong side of someone powerful in your organization. Time and time again we’ve seen this in Cleveland, as players were constantly trying to get in the good graces of LeBron James or risk being shamed out of town.

On the flip side of that, the Cavaliers got on the wrong side of LeBron and were burned in 2010 when he left for the Miami Heat. It’s the nature of the business and you need to keep people happy in your organization — something that Robert Griffin III hasn’t done in the NFL in Washington.

Washington named Kirk Cousins the starting quarterback for this upcoming football season, which has prompted an endless string of possible destinations for the former Baylor quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns are one of those possible options, but why not the Cleveland Cavaliers? Just because RGIII is a football player, doesn’t mean he can’t have some value to the Cavs and vice versa.

Think about it — the Cavaliers are perfect when it comes to finding a team that can rehab RGIII and give him the career revival that he needs.

For starters, LeBron James’ presence is something that can help get RGIII back on the right track as he’s basically going to force him to be a team player. Right now, RGIII has an issue about being the biggest ego in the room and getting whiny if that’s not the case all the time. Learning from LeBron James first hand and getting some tough love could be something that shows the quarterback how to act around his teammates and also be a leader that he needs to be.

Another reason Cleveland is perfect for RGIII is that it will thrust him into a winning culture and show him how an organization that is for the most part well constructed. He’s in a dumpster fire right now in Washington and it’s not a situation where anyone can flourish.

Putting RGIII with a coach like David Blatt who will be on his side and a superstar like LeBron James in a culture that knows how to win is something that would help guide the quarterback toward ideals that are lacking in Washington. There’s so much outside noise in Washington over Daniel Snyder, the team name and the RGIII drama and no one there knows how to handle it other than to run around like they have just been set on fire.

In Cleveland, there was a ton of noise last season about chemistry and people not getting along and firing David Blatt — yet the team learned to pull it all together and went to the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers are everything that Washington isn’t as far as knowing how to handle volatile situation and fixing it so that nothing gets broken.

Aside from all of that, there is obvious athletic ability that RGIII brings to the Cavaliers and with Kyrie Irving out for the first half of the season, there is an natural need for a point guard. Assimilating Griffin III into the flow of things in Cleveland would be mutually beneficial on a few different levels, and would be a literally change of scenery in the most significant of ways.

It’s not going to happen — because that’s asinine — but that doesn’t mean it’s not a brilliant idea that someone in some other parallel universe isn’t enjoying right at this moment.

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