Dwyane Wade, Cavs Talk Highly Unlikely


The Cleveland Cavaliers are a week away from the NBA Finals but Dwyane Wade‘s name is the headline right now. According to a report out of Miami, from a legitimate writer, Wade the the Miami Heat are not exactly seeing eye to eye on his next contract:

Wade has until just before the start of Free Agency to decide whether to pick up an option on his contract for a little over $16 million. He only has that one year left on the deal he signed last summer and is reportedly looking for a longer term deal from the Heat. The Heat seem to be balking at the asking price from their Franchise Guy.

This has led #CavsTwitter to bring back up the old video, which we covered here, of LeBron James and Wade talking about getting back together. “What if Wade forces a trade to Cleveland?” “Will he and LeBron take less so they can play together again?” “The Cavs have that Brendan Haywood contract to trade!”

So is the reasoning of Twitter some days/nights.

Wade to the Cavs is little more than a dream for some, a nightmare for others. The Heat are not going to trade Wade for little to nothing, especially to the Cavs who they have so much bad blood in recent history. Without a trade, Wade would have to take a very small salary to join his buddy LeBron again. If he was willing to do that, he would just stay in Miami. Even if Kevin Love leaves, the Cavs will have no money under the cap to sign Wade to a big contract.

On the floor, Wade’s acquisition would also be difficult. He and LeBron learned how to share the floor and LeBron and Kyrie Irving have started to figure that out themselves. Adding Wade to James and Irving would be difficult. Then factor in J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and most likely Love and you have a lot of players that need/want the ball. Wade’s lack of an outside shot, his best 3 point shooting was 32% in ’08-09. Not exactly the fit the Cavs get from Smith and Shumpert, plus they are younger, cheaper and solid defenders.

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The Heat have a tough decision to make. If Wade stays he pairs with Goran Dragic in the backcourt, and Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside in the frontcourt for a good team. Yet would they be good enough to compete for an Eastern Conference Title? Does letting Wade walk, or trading him for something, let them move toward the future around the other 3 and their #10 pick? Is getting younger the best thing for them?

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat could be on the road to a divorce but the Cleveland Cavaliers are an unlikely destination for LeBron James good friend and former running mate, no matter how interesting that talk is.

Accoriding to Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report, Wade is much more likely to head to LA:

Sorry Cavs fans, no DWade, LBJ reunion in Cleveland. Now if only we could pry Chris Bosh away! 🙂

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