LeBron James Wants to Reunite with Dwayne Wade (Video)


According to a new combination report/video LeBron James said to Dwayne Wade after the Christmas Day game that they could get back together if things don’t get better for the Cavs this season. Before you see the video I will share the same thoughts with you I did with a couple others on Twitter:

Nothing professional or thoughtful in that tweet, just where I am at this point. So first here is the video, skip to the 2:40 mark of the video:

So according to the report, posted on Reddit, what LeBron says to Wade is this:

"Like I said, if we aren’t better this year, we’re gonna re-unite again and do some bigger and better things, alright?"

Now clearly you hear one of them, I think it is Wade, saw “You already know.”

Now others are analyzing the audio in different ways, saying that James and Wade are likely to work together in business and projects in the future. Why would James say something of the more serious nature, that he would leave Cleveland to play with Wade again, in front of cameras and microphones?

It makes sense if the conversation was about other business type things and that is likely the information we will get from James if/when he is asked and answers questions about this video. He could also say that the conversation was private and he is not going to share the contents of it with anyone else.

Either way the response is obviously terrible in Cleveland. This is what happens when you give the keys of the kingdom to one player. Dan Gilbert said he would never do that again and then 4 years later did. Based on the demands of LeBron wanting the full max salary the Cavs traded away both Tyler Zeller and a future 1st round pick just to get out from under Jarrett Jack‘s contract. They allowd him to sign a contract that he can opt out of next year. According to reports he demanded the Kevin Love trade. They signed his good friend Anderson Varejao to a big contract extension, even though Andy hasn’t stayed healthy in years.

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And now this. Now I am not saying James is going to leave or even threatening to leave. It would be one of the worst PR moves ever for him to leave anytime soon after the letter he wrote this summer. Yet, would anything really shock you?

I’m not going to analyze the video anymore than this at this point. I am also not saying the Cleveland Cavaliers shouldn’t have sign LeBron last summer. I love what the guy can do on the court when he is fully engaged, none of this chill mode junk. He can dominate, be selfless and lead a talented squad of players. Or he can decide he doesn’t want to, take control of the offense the way he wants to and do whatever he wants, including demand stuff, and no one says no. No one except Pat Riley has said no to him.

If he leaves in the near future I am not going to be mad or hurt. It would be my fault for allowing myself to have emotions for someone who already “broke my heart.” Shame on me. Not on him.

How are you feeling about LeBron James right now Cavs fans?

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