Where will Kenny Atkinson rank in Cavaliers coaching history?

The Cavs have a new head coach and Kenny Atkinson is set to make his mark with the team
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Most playoff wins by a Cavs coach: Mike Brown with 42

Mike Brown was the Cavs coach from 2005-2010 and one other season in 2013-14. He was James coach the first go around in 2007 when the Cavs made it to the NBA Finals only to get swept by the San Antonio Spurs. Overall Brown had a 42-29 playoff mark.

A close second to Brown was Tyronn Lue, who also benefited from having James on the team. Lue finished with a 41-20 playoff record from 2016-2018 which is a better winning percentage overall at .672 than Brown's .592 mark.

More Cavs coaching records to stay away from

From 2010-2013, Byron Scott coached the team. In that first campaign, Scott had a 26-game losing streak, the most of any coach in any of the major sports teams in one season.

Bill Musselman coached the team in both 1980 and again in 1982. He had a horrible 25-46 record in 1980 and then a 2-21 record in 1982. Yikes!

George Karl coached the Cleveland team from 1984-1986 and had a 61-88 record. He coached many other teams in his career. He finished with 1,175 wins and 824 losses. He's one of only nine NBA coaches with more than a 1,000 wins and no NBA Titles.

So where will Kenny Atkinson finish in all these coaching categories? Hopefully, higher than many others. The Cleveland Cavaliers will have to wait to see.