Top 3 Assistant Coaches who could replace J.B. Bickerstaff for Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are facing major decisions for the coaching staff and roster and may soon look to replace J.B. Bickerstaff after four-and-a-half seasons.
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Coaching Candidate No. 2 - Chris Quinn, Miami Heat

Another former player and constant name in coaching rumors, Miami Heat's Chris Quinn will certainly earn an interview with Cleveland once their search inevitably begins. If the Cavaliers hire a current assistant coach as a first-time head coach, anyone who has worked under the legendary Erik Spoelstra should be revered as a top candidate.

Quinn played in the NBA for six seasons, entering as an undrafted rookie with the Miami Heat in 2006. Three seasons later, he would be traded to the New Jersey nets before bouncing around to the San Antonio Spurs and then Cleveland Cavaliers for one season each. In between his years with the Spurs and Cavs, he played in Russia for one year. Quinn also attended high school in Dublin, Ohio, building a greater connection between him and the city if he chose to return to the midwest.

Miami's continuous success and unlikely Finals appearances do not happen without Spo's leadership and decisive tactics in the postseason. Quinn has worked alongside Spo as a player development coach since 2014, dating back to the first year after LeBron James returned to the Cavaliers. After two years, Quinn picked up responsibilities as an assitant coach.

With a decade of coaching and development experience for a historically successful franchise, Quinn has everything it takes to instill a hardened culture as a leader for another contender. He has stayed loyal to one franchise his entire coaching career, but he appears ready for the next chapter. As a student of Erik Spoelstra, the Cavaliers would be foolish to ignore the potential that Quinn has as the leading man for an NBA coaching staff.