Stock up, Stock down: Cavaliers who can make a difference in the new year

Georges Niang and Sam Merrill, Cleveland Cavaliers
Georges Niang and Sam Merrill, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Stock down: Caris LeVert's inefficient woes could spell trouble for Cavaliers

The Cavaliers' sixth man Caris LeVert began the season with eyes set on the Sixth Man of the Year award. Unfortunately, while his points per game is up to 15.1 this season, LeVert's efficiency has dropped from both within and outside of the arc. With 5.4 attempts from deep per game, LeVert is only knocking down 30.8 percent.

LeVert's stock with Cleveland is not down dramatically. He is still a well-rounded leader for the second unit, but his unreliable shot could create bigger problems down the road. The Cavaliers re-signed Caris LeVert to a 2-year, $36 million contract this summer after a season as a go-to guy for Cleveland. While it is not a massive contract, the Cavs made a significant investment in continued production out of the Columbus native.

With the trade deadline nearing, LeVert's $18 million salary may serve best as a trade piece in order to bring in a player with a better fit. Plenty of NBA teams would value LeVert's skillset, and his mid-sized contract is easy to match.

Again, LeVert is far from a bad player or bad contract right now. His underwhelming efficiency might force the Cavaliers to look in another direction, though, especially if a good frontcourt talent emerges on the trade market.