Stock up, Stock down: Cavaliers who can make a difference in the new year

Georges Niang and Sam Merrill, Cleveland Cavaliers
Georges Niang and Sam Merrill, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Stock down(?): Can Georges Niang stay consistent from deep for Cleveland?

Possibly the most confusing Cavalier this season, Georges Niang, is either scorching opponents from deep or performing a Broadway-level disappearing act.

While Okoro's 3-point shot is getting better with time, Niang is fluctuating game-to-game. On corner threes last season, Niang shot above 50 percent; yet, this season his accuracy is down to 25 from the same spot. Throughout November, Niang's catch-and-shoot 3-point percentage rose to 40.1, but it has fallen down to 32.1 so far in December.

Saying that Niang's stock is ultimately down is hard to do. While his 3-point shot eludes him at times, he is still forcing defenses to watch him on the perimeter and can punish poor rotations on enough nights.

After a horrific start to the year, the veteran forward found a rhythm with the Cavaliers from deep. With a career 3-point percentage above 40 percent when he signed with Cleveland, the Cavs likely expect his shot to return to a consistent number before the playoffs. With Mobley out, the Cavs' frontcourt rotation will be even smaller than before, meaning Niang will be a crucial piece off the bench until his return.