Ranking the top Cleveland Cavaliers coaching candidates

The Cleveland Cavaliers have 3 names at the top of their coaching search, but who can actually bring this team to the Finals?
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No. 2 Cavs coaching candidate: James Borrego

James Borrego is the second candidate that has been talked about the most in filling the Cavs coaching vacancy. The current New Orleans Pelicans assistant has four-plus years of being a head coach. He was the head coach of the Charlotte Hornets from 2018 to 2022 and holds a 148-183 overall record as a head coach with no playoff appearances.

His lack of winning and postseason experience makes him a confusing candidate to be held highly at the top of the finalists. Although his four years with Charlotte were during a rough rebuild, his inability to elevate the team to playoff contention raises questions surrounding his ability to lead a winning team.

Trading Bickerstaff for Borrengo just seems like a parallel move leaving Cleveland no closer to an NBA title. But even so, many say he's high on the Cavs search list. Borengo recently interviewed for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching job as well. He's on the Cav's radar but probably not their No. 1 candidate.