NBA Rumors: Dissecting what recent reports mean for the Cleveland Cavaliers' future

Orlando Magic v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Seven
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1. The future of Donovan Mitchell

The million dollar question. Let me just say this: the narrative that the national media has been pushing out since Mitchell got traded to Cleveland about him not wanting to be there and having one foot out the door could not have been more off base. Mitchell said it himself multiple times in the past couple days and The Athletic also put it in their report.

“The Mitchell situation will be resolved this summer, and there is a growing sentiment around the league that the Cavaliers will be able to position themselves to receive his commitment for a lucrative contract extension that would keep him in Cleveland past his 30th birthday. Teammates have described Mitchell this season as singularly focused on winning and wanting Cleveland to aim much higher than a first-round series victory for its measure of success”"

The Athletic

There is also what Adrian Wojnarowski reported on NBA Countdown Thursday night and Mitchell’s Twitter (X) activity that corroborates this statement. 

Mitchell wants to be a winner and wants to go to the Conference Finals and Finals because that is what great players are judged on. He has to figure out if the Cavs offer him that chance long-term. It is also clear that the guy is a leader and loves his teammates. It can be seen on the sidelines during games, whether he is playing or not. He has made his mark.

More than likely, Mitchell signs the extension, putting all the noise to bed. There is no denying the guy loves Cleveland and his teammates. He has embraced the situation from day one and if he didn’t, then he would not be proving every day that he is happy there. Time will tell, but the Cavs should feel great about their chances.

Based on The Athletic's report, people acting like this offseason will be a death sentence for the Cavs need to pump the brakes. The Cleveland Cavaliers have progressed every season for the past three years and while changes need to be made, those changes are to help build a championship contender, not a rebuilding squad. Expect the Wine and Gold to look a lot different, but Cavs fans should be excited for what’s next.

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