NBA Rumors: Cavaliers are making a huge mistake with Jarrett Allen

The Cleveland Cavaliers must trade Jarrett Allen this summer.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three / Rich Storry/GettyImages

This season was only year two of the Cleveland Cavaliers “Core Four” featuring Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. The group was not together on the court a lot this season due to injuries, but they are without a doubt the best four players on the Cavs roster. However, the way they fit has come into question.

With the season ending with a second round loss to the Boston Celtics, questions about Cleveland’s future began to arise after the report from The Athletic. From the fit between Mobley and Allen being questioned to Garland potentially requesting a trade if Mitchell signs an extension, there was a lot about the Core Four to dissect in that piece.

President of Basketball Operations Koby Altman tried to clear the air in his end of season press conference, saying that this group has a lot of room to grow together and that he does not see a reason to break them up. He wants to make moves around the margins.

It has also been recently reported the Cavaliers are reluctant to move any member of their core as of right now. Obviously that can change. Not moving Garland or Mitchell is one thing, but not wanting to make any moves at all? The Cavs dismissed four-year head coach J.B. Bickerstaff this summer, signaling changes would come this summer. With a redundant core, replacing the coach and running it back with marginal improvements is not enough.

The Cavaliers would make a mistake being quiet this offseason

If the Cavs were to come into next season with the same roster, they would be making a huge mistake. In order to compete, they have to rid themselves of the redundancy on the roster, specifically in the frontcourt. Despite his immense talent and years of leadership on the team, they have to trade Jarrett Allen.

Mobley and Allen have been defensive stalwarts for Cleveland over the past three seasons, transforming the Cavs into one of the best defenses in the NBA. Unfortunately, they are both non-shooters on offense, making it tough for them to share the court together all the time and clogging the lane for Garland and Mitchell to go to work, and the numbers support that.

The Cavaliers had a net rating of just 0.9 when Mobley and Allen shared the court, and the five man lineup of Garland-Mitchell-Strus-Mobley-Allen only had a 1.4 net rating together this season. With two dynamic playmakers and a sniper in Strus, spacing is key and having both of the bigs on the floor stagnates Cleveland’s offense.

Additionally, Mobley had one of the best five-game stretches of his career against the Celtics this postseason with Allen out. Mobley averaged 21 points and nine rebounds on 63 percent shooting, including a 33-point outburst in Game 5. In order for him to fully evolve, Mobley needs to become the full-time center. He showed that he is ready for the physicality of the center spot this playoffs.

Breaking up Mobley and Allen has to happen. If the organization truly believes that Mobley is the future of the center position, then why wait and stall his development further? The piece in The Athletic also highlighted as much. The Cavaliers reportedly recognize Mobley's future is as a full-time center "at some point", but holding off and limiting his development only hurts the potential ceiling Mobley can reach.

The Cleveland Cavaliers would be making a huge mistake if they keep their frontcourt together. The team is better with one big out there on the court, and the numbers support it time and time again. In order to take the next step as a contender, the Cavs have to make that move as much as it may hurt to part ways with a beloved member of the franchise.