Draft Watch: Best rookie prospect at each position for Cleveland Cavaliers

The best realistic option at No. 20 at each position for the Cavaliers.
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As the 2024 NBA Draft approaches on June 26, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a long list of potential rookie prospects who could be available when they are on the clock.

Throughout the past months, scouts and analysts have not pinned down reliable ranges for numerous incoming rookies. The variance in the draft may give the Cavaliers an opportunity to find the steal in the draft in the latter half of the first round. While this draft class does not offer franchise-altering talent, the Association has seen greater talent coming later in the draft. Whether the Cavs select a raw prospect or older win-now player, they can add a long-term contributor on a team-friendly rookie contract to help bolster their core's playoff prowess.

With endless rumors swirling around the Cavaliers, mock drafts have listed a prospect from each position as a realistic target for Cleveland. From future replacements for Darius Garland to modern stretch big men, the Cavs enter draft night with needs at every position depending on what conversations and changes are likely happening behind closed doors. While the Cavaliers may simply draft the best available player, the best player on the board at No. 20 will be heavily subjective this year.

Depending on Cleveland's needs and expectations on draft night, they could target any number of players at each position. The Cavs' current depth chart still lacks consistent volume shooting on the wing outside of Max Strus, but their frontcourt rotation is shallow and cannot add variety to their offensive approach. Their backcourt may have two All-Star talents, but Ty Jerome's injury concerns and Craig Porter, Jr.'s size disadvantage could give Cleveland reason to target another guard.

These are the best incoming rookies at each position that could possibly be available when the Cavaliers are on the clock.

Point Guard - Carlton "Bub" Carrington, Pittsburgh

Carlton "Bub" Carrington was one of the first prospects mocked to the Cavaliers back in December and has remained a common name associated with the team since. The 6-foot-5 combo guard is viewed as a potential long-term backup presence for the Cavs, bringing a modern offensive approach. Carrington brings a brand of basketball that could greatly improve the Cavaliers in his first season as a second-unit leader. He has been described as a selfless team player, often looking to get his teammates involved on offense rather than always seeking his own shot.

Offensively, Carrington is a talented scorer, though he can struggle with efficiency at times. He finished his lone season at Pittsburgh shooting 41.2 percent from the field and 32.2 percent from deep. At the draft combine, though, Carrington excelled during the three-point shooting drill, drawing attention from numerous scouts. With Pitt, he was a willing shooter as both an on-ball and off-ball threat. Adding Carrington to Cleveland's backcourt rotation adds another dynamic playmaker with the ability to punish defenses off-ball, as well.

Carrington could struggle to get by his defender easily in college, often being forced into contested looks at the rim if he tried to beat his man off the first step. But, his athletic ability and speed will improve with time. He has seemingly already put time into growing his physical ability, ranking sixth overall in the 3/4 court sprint with a time of 3.28 seconds at the NBA Draft Combine.

Defensively, Carrington's height and 6-foot-9 wingspan adds to his versatility and excitement. He showed reliable chops on opposing guards, rarely allowing them to run past him. On Cleveland, Carrington could help improve the team's perimeter defense alongside one of the backcourt stars. As one of the youngest prospects entering the draft, the Cavs would likely select Carrington without an added intention of moving on from Garland this summer. Instead, his raw potential could develop behind Garland and Mitchell off the bench, learning from his peers.

Despite a mid-season slump and questionable shooting splits, Bub's Draft Combine displays make him a great one-guard option who will likely be up for grabs at 20th overall. He does not enter the Draft as a complete player, but he could realistically provide solid reserve minutes in his first year still.