NBA Draft Watch: 3 talented prospects the Cleveland Cavaliers should consider

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With the NBA regular season almost over, some teams have already been eliminated from the postseason and are now looking toward the offseason, particularly, the draft lottery. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still jockeying for top seeding in the Eastern Conference.

Even though everyone in the Cavs front office is looking towards late April and May, this does not mean they cannot look further toward the offseason and the NBA Draft.

Since the Cavs traded for Donovan Mitchell, most of their draft capital is going to Utah for the foreseeable future. This draft is one of the few drafts where the Cavs own their first-round pick, though. Cleveland's pick is slated to fall anywhere between the 20th pick and the 25th pick currently.

While most eyes stick to the lottery and top prospects, the latter part of the first round can still hold talented players, and the league has seen a growing number of high-caliber players emerge later in the draft. The Cavs were looking to trade near the end of the first round last year, as well.

Cleveland still has some needs on the roster. In terms of who they might target in the draft, someone who can create for themselves and others to come off the bench would be an ideal fit in the Land.

The 2024 NBA Draft looks to be one of the least-talented drafts in a few years, but every draft has its stars that fall through the cracks and diamonds in the rough. This year will be the same. Thus, these are some players the Cavs can draft with their first-rounder.

Prospect 1 - Jared McCain

Duke's Jared McCain was phenomenal in his team's March Madness run. He made tough shot after tough shot, bringing Duke up until the Elite Eight. His teammate and potential future lottery pick, Kyle Filipowski, was incredible during the same stretch, too.

In 36 games this season, McCain averaged 14.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 1.9 assists. He also shot a great 41.4 percent from deep on almost six attempts a night. He's a solid defender, too. Nothing extraordinary, but can hold his own if he needs to.

McCain could be a sleeper lottery pick, considering his shot-making abilities; however, as a guard, he is a severely limited passer. He's more likely to play shooting guard than point guard, but he will still need to work through his tunnel vision in the NBA.

Craig Porter Jr. looks to be a great backup point guard, and Caris LeVert is the Cavs' backup shooting guard and sixth man. McCain might not get a lot of playing time, but with Cleveland needing more offense, J.B. Bickerstaff would find some minutes from him.