Mid-Season Awards: Highlighting the best Cleveland Cavaliers of the season

Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls
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Best Comeback of the Year: Evan Mobley

While Darius Garland has still been ramping up after losing over 10 pounds due to his wired jaw, Evan Mobley came back to the Cavaliers not only in stride but looking better than he did when he left. Garland has begun rediscovering his stride and has helped the Cavs to some extra wins, but Mobley's surprise growth has been nothing short of incredible.

In Mobley's return game, he outperformed star rookie Victor Wembanyama with 28 points, 10 rebounds and a perfect three-for-three game from long range. Mobley is working toward developing a flawless game, and he quickly showcased his resolve to do just that by showing confidence and consistency from the arc after a rocky start to the year.

Bickerstaff's new-look offense emphasized shooting in the frontcout with Dean Wade taking Mobley's starting role. While the ways that Mobley and Wade have found looks from deep are different, the rest of the team is now looking to get him open off of pick-and-pop plays. Mobley is not just finding an open three here and there. The Cavs are actively searching to get him shots, and he is making them.

Additionally, Evan Mobley has not missed a step defensively. He is still providing Cleveland with a switchable seven-foot phenom, covering the weakside with Allen roaming the paint. Mobley has also played more time at the center position without Allen, transitioning into a different type of defensive role without any hesitation.

Mobley has undeniably had the most exciting return in recent Cavaliers history. It is rare to see a player come back to any team exactly six weeks after being announced to miss six-to-eight weeks of action looking anywhere as good as they did beforehand. It is an anomaly for that player to come back into the fold with a drastically improved skillset out of the gates. Mobley will need to maintain his improved shooting in the final stretch to prove himself beyond doubt, but he is off to a fantastic start.