Keeping up with the Cleveland Cavaliers so far this season

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off with three of the league's best in the week before Thanksgiving and finished 2-1 without Spida Man. Here are some observations.
Craig Porter Jr., Cleveland Cavaliers
Craig Porter Jr., Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Hosting the Heat

One night following the win in Philly, the Cavaliers went home and hosted the reigning East champs in the Miami Heat. After two quarters, the Wine and Gold dropped 55 points on 57.1 percent shooting behind mainly Mobley and Porter, yet conceded 69 points, including 10 triples on 18 ventures.

The Heat’s bombardment from deep continued, and it took credit for the worst in the city over Deshaun Watson’s time with the Browns. Unfortunately for those in The Land, Didling Watson gets a redo next NFL season in eight or nine home games.

Anyways, when the Cavs badly needed to show a pulse in the third quarter, Garland unnecessarily helped off the arc, and Mobley foolishly dropped against Lowry in PnR.

The Cavaliers got wrecked so badly that Bickerstaff benched four of five starters in the fourth quarter. Before it started, CPJ had 12 points and five assists, while everyone else was a dud in the third. Aside from that, the only bright spot that evening was Bickerstaff’s bald head.

Final Word:

Losing to Miami by 33 points at home has undoubtedly left a sour taste in fans' mouths, but the squad is moving in the right direction. Anyone who has years observing the league can attest that it's difficult to win without No.1 and/or important players missing.

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Additionally, president of basketball ops Koby Altman did well bringing TT home and signing CPJ to a two-way deal. Everyone who covers and watches the team for pleasure has seen enough: CPJ is a keeper, and his deal should be converted to a standard contract.