How the Cavaliers’ Core 4 recently fared on The Ringer’s Top 100 List

And they were underrated across the board….

Cleveland Cavaliers players celebrate in-game.
Cleveland Cavaliers players celebrate in-game. / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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No. 41: Evan Mobley

I understand this ranking and how they got there, but based on the first quarter of the season, Mobley is providing a bigger impact that some of the other guys around him.

Right now, Mobley has 2.2 Win Shares, a measurement to show how much you are impacting winning for your team. That Win Shares number is double Jaren Jackson Jr. (1.1) and 0.5 more than Desmond Bane (1.7), despite both of those guys having better stats. Also, Evan’s points per game, rebounds per game and Win Shares are better than Jrue Holiday (ranked #38).

Because Mobley is still a young player and his best basketball is ahead of him still, this ranking seems appropriate despite his number suggesting he will soon leapfrog these players ahead of him. 

My re-ranking: #38 Desmond Bane, #39 Jrue Holiday, #40 Evan Mobley, #41 Jaren Jackson Jr. 

No. 75: Jarrett Allen

When you get the 70’s and 80’s on this list, it's not the most lauded guys, some of them are vets on the other side of their primes. Some of them are guys that are young and on the come up, and some are the lunch pail guys that do the dirty work, like Allen. 

A couple of guys that were ranked ahead of Allen are straight up confusing. Tyler Herro is one at #71, when he has only played in 8 games and his last game was Nov. 8. Also, Khris Middleton (#74) who is coming off of injury has been on a minutes restriction is one, so I am not sure how he can have more impact than Allen. Jarrett has posted 13 PPG, 8.3 RPG and 1.9 Win Shares. While he's not the flashiest player out there, you cannot say he is not impacting the team this season. 

My re-ranking: #73 CJ McCollum, #74 Jarrett Allen, #75 Austin Reaves, #76 Tyler Herro

No love for a player so far making tons of things happen early in his Cavs career in Max Strus? Max’s stats are much better than many in the #93-#100 range. 14.3 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 1.7 Win Shares should land him in the top 100. Alex Caruso is on a terrible Chicago Bulls team at #93 seems to be pretty generous.

dark. Next. Darius Garland's contributions here for Cavs have long been underrated. Darius Garland's contributions here for Cavs have long been underrated

Hopefully, the next time the list is put out, they can put out the right Cavaliers players’ rankings.