Grading 4 Cleveland Cavaliers' trade potential amid deadline buzz

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How does Ricky Rubio fare on the trade market for Cavaliers?

After a career resurgence with Cleveland two years ago, veteran facilitating point guard Ricky Rubio's future is in under speculation amidst his absence from professional basketball.

In the midst of Rubio's stellar 2021-22 season, he suffered a left ACL tear, the second of his career. He was set to make his return in the following season, but he was clearly not the same athlete as before. Entering this season, Rubio announced a departure from the Cavaliers and basketball in general to focus on his mental health and family matters. There has been little discourse around Rubio since then with no timetable for his return.

Recently, reports confirmed the Cavaliers have begun discussing parting ways with Rubio, looking for a trade suitor to take the veteran's contract, potentially as part of a bigger deal. Rubio is guaranteed roughly $13 million over this season and next, making his salary easy to match in a deal, but his lack of availability drastically hurts his trade value.

Over his 12-year NBA career, Rubio has averaged an efficient 10.8 points and 7.4 assists. Unfortunately, his playing days may very well be done, meaning any team that takes his contract will likely come to terms with the Spanish veteran on a buyout after the deadline.

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Considering Rubio's team-friendly contract and Cleveland's other talent, adding Rubio into a trade to match salaries is probably his best value right now. The Cavaliers could find the right suitor either with Rubio as an added player for salary or with a pair of second-round picks to sweeten the deal.