Grade the Trade: wild 3-team proposal gives Cavaliers perfect second star

NBA trade rumor season is in full swing, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have topped the trending charts with rumors surrounding their core four.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets
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Cavaliers call up Brooklyn and Memphis

As aforementioned, the Cavaliers' best chances of building a contender through trade this summer requires them to forego draft compensation, potentially rerouting picks from one team to another. If this means Cleveland overpays for players who fit their timeline and needs by giving up more draft picks than absolutely necessary, they have no reason not to do it.

Cavs get Mikal Ver. 2

Another likely buyer this summer, the Memphis Grizzlies, traded for veteran center Steven Adams last summer before he missed the entire season after receiving necessary surgery. The Grizzlies are emphasizing bolstering their frontcourt with Jaren Jackson, Jr., likely hoping to allow Jackson to play his natural position at power forward more often. At 26 years old, Allen serves as a long-term solution as a defensive anchor and partner for the 2022-23 Defensive Player of the Year.

With Ja Morant and Desmond Bane returning next season healthy, Memphis has appeared to be a sleeping giant in the loaded Western Conference. Starting the year with another perennial defensive anchor would give the Grizzlies an unstoppable starting lineup. Additionally, they receive a bench shooter in Sam Merrill and a reliable young backup point guard with Craig Porter, Jr. to compensate for the loss of standout rookie GG Jackson and two first-round picks.

As for the Brooklyn Nets, they launch a rebuild with a more exciting future than what they had before this trade. Though they lose Mikal Bridges, the 27-year-old forward was not likely to lead the team to any high status anytime soon. In this deal, they land one of the most exciting young point guards and an unexpected stud from last year's draft class alongside a top-10 pick this year and a future unprotected first. Ziaire Williams is primarily a salary filler but also gives the Nets a third young player in this trade.

If the Nets bring back Nic Claxton in free agency, Brooklyn would enter next season with a core of Garland, Cam Thomas, Jackson and Claxton alongside their rookie at number nine any young forward Dariq Whitehead. Garland and Jackson could quickly develop into the best two-man duo on the team with Thomas and Claxton filling out the starting core for the future.

While the Grizzlies and Nets clearly bring in exciting talent, do the Cavaliers say yes to losing four players?