Grade the Trade: Cavaliers move on from Okoro to add a Champion veteran forward

With the Cavaliers needing more size on the perimeter - could they move Isaac Okoro to find the ideal fit?
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Do the Cavaliers say yes?

The Cleveland Cavaliers would be wise to agree to this trade proposal without much thought. With a Donovan Mitchell extension expected to be agreed to soon, the Cavaliers need to try to win now. Okoro may be nine years younger than the 32-year-old forward, but Barnes' size and skillset would be a big upgrade and a better fit for the Cavaliers who need some taller and longer wings to compete for a deeper playoff run.

The only hold-up for Cleveland would be Okoro's end of the deal. Isaac Okoro is a restricted free agent, so Okoro would have to want to go to Sacramento for this deal to work. If Sacramento would be willing to pay Okoro a contract close to what Barnes is making, then Okoro would likely be on board. If the Auburn wing was still under contract for another season, the Cavaliers could explore this trade without any difficulty. Okoro, though, may be intrigued by a fresh start on another exciting young team.

Do the Kings say yes?

Unfortunately, it would be unlikely for the Kings to agree to this deal. Barnes has some real value to a team trying to contend, so they are not desperate to deal him to any team willing to trade for him. With the Kings already having Kevin Huerter, Malik Monk, and Davion Mitchell - the fit of Isaac Okoro is questionable for their team.

However, Sacramento is also reportedly shopping Kevin Huerter as well as Harrison Barnes, so they could potentially see Okoro as a potential starting fit next to De'Aaron Fox. Okoro's fierce perimeter defense would be enticing as the Kings were in the bottom half of NBA teams in points allowed and field goal percentage allowed.

Isaac Okoro's value is very volatile depending on the evaluator. So, if Sacramento's ownership is high on Okoro's potential as a player, they may be willing to make the deal. However, with Fox and Sabonis being under contract, the Kings are more likely to try and move Barnes and Huerter for a higher caliber player to help them contend right now.

C-. . . Trade Grade. Okoro Trade Grade

This would be a great trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers; however, there are too many factors that would likely prevent this trade from happening. Okoro's restricted free agency takes control away from the Cavaliers on this deal. Also, the Kings are probably looking for a flashier trade target as they have hopes of making a deep postseason run next year.

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