Grade the Trade: Cleveland Cavaliers deal for Utah Jazz big in swinging pitch

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Deal or no deal? Do the Cavaliers say yes?

Finally, as for the Cavs, they get a high-caliber 3-point shooter and tough rebounder in their frontcourt. Cleveland's biggest flaws in Allen and Mobley have been their lack of shooting and their inconsistent rebounding. Collins is shooting 41 percent from deep this season and is averaging over 8 rebounds per game. With Mobley's 10.5 rebounds per game this year, a frontcourt duo of Collins and Mobley could look unstoppable in time.

The Cavs do lose Dean Wade and Ty Jerome along with Allen, but neither Wade nor Jerome would be likely to enter the nightly rotation by the time the playoffs arrive. Instead, the Cavs surrender a bit of their depth for a player who fits seamlessly in the starting five.

Right now, Jarrett Allen is a critical piece of the Cavs chances every game. He has had historic defensive performances against some of the league's best centers, including a +42 plus-minus against two-time MVP Nikola Jokic. For now, Cleveland might bank on internal growth and consistency for the season.

The Cavs have shown no interest in making major roster changes this offseason, and there is no reason to part ways with Allen at this instant. If the Cavaliers cannot correct course from where they stand now as a Play-In team, though, then the trade deadline might be the final chance for Cleveland to make a push for playoff contention.

In Cleveland, John Collins would thrive with two dynamic guards in the backcourt that can feed him on his cuts to the basket. Additionally, he would be in a frontcourt with one of the smartest passing bigs in the league in Mobley.

Whether Collins is dropping jaws with dunks in fastbreak transition or he is punishing late defensive rotations, Collins would undoubtedly impact Cleveland for the better. He is more than capable of absorbing contact on his way to the basket, as well, which would give the Cavs an edge against physical opponents - an aspect of the game they still struggle to overcome.

Bringing John Collins to the Cavaliers. . Grade the Trade. Collins trade grade. C+

In the end, as great as John Collins would be in the wine and gold, there is no certainty that Evan Mobley is ready to take on a full-time role at center. Allen is playing great with him and the rest of the team, but in time it may prove difficult to make the pairing work.

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Plenty of NBA teams would covet the skills Allen brings to the table, and finding a way to route Allen to a better situation while bringing Collins to the Land could some day be an ideal trade. For now, though, this trade is good but unlikely.