Grade the Trade: Cleveland Cavaliers deal for Utah Jazz big in swinging pitch

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers
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What would a trade look like between Cleveland and Utah?

Once again, parting ways with Jarrett Allen is not an urgent need. At the age of 25, Allen is yet to enter his prime as a basketball player. However, Evan Mobley's development urgently needs to become the team's first and foremost focus.

While Mobley is improving this season, his usage rate is severely low for a third-year frontcourt star. Trading Allen for a versatile forward who can help maximize Mobley's offensive talents would be worth consideration, especially if the Cavs fall short this season once again.

In a trade with the Jazz, the Cavaliers would likely target John Collins, a uniquely talented forward with a perfect skillset alongside Mobley. Whereas Markkanen and Kessler are too valuable for the Jazz's future, Collins is a high level role player with a tradeable contract.

Although Evan Mobley currently plays the four spot, the Cavs seem to view him as a long-term center. Finding the right power forward to accompany Mobley at the five will become necessary soon, and John Collins could easily be the best man for the job. He is an above average scorer from anywhere on the court, he can find the lane for an easy jam and he is a worthwhile defender.

A simple Allen for Collins swap is far from likely, though, as Kessler is more important to Utah than what Allen would provide. Instead, the Cavs would need a third team to get involved who need Allen. One team in particular needs a defensive frontcourt anchor more than any other franchise. In the wake of a multitude of season-ending injuries, the Memphis Grizzlies could be a perfect landing spot for Allen.

John Collins to Cavs - 3-team trade

In this scenario, the Grizzlies trade Steven Adams' $12.6 million contract along with John Konchar and a few draft picks in return for Allen. Although Memphis is in the middle of a horrendous season, bringing Allen to the roster just as Ja Morant returns from his 25-game suspension could help turn their season around.

For the Jazz, they get a massive package for Collins. In the summer, Utah traded a single second-round pick and Rudy Gay for John Collins. Although the Jazz were an exciting team last season, they are opening the 2023-24 campaign as one of the worst teams in the Western Conference. Gathering more future draft assets than they gave up for Collins would be a best-case scenario for them.