Grade the Trade: Cleveland Cavaliers bring Golden State Warriors forward home in proposal

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors
Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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As the NBA trade season opens, rumors are flying with potential deadline blockbusters, and the Cleveland Cavaliers may find the perfect deal with a West rival.

The Cavaliers had a tough start to the 2023-24 regular season, ending 2023 with an 18-14 record and the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. The Golden State Warriors have equally struggled in the early months of the season, entering the new year 15-17, outside of the Play-In Tournament as the eleventh seed.

Both teams are looking to define their identities again after dominating their respective conferences for the majority of the 2010's decade. The Cavaliers are in search of a new legacy in Cleveland basketball after LeBron James left in 2018. Conversely, the Warriors are searching for one more deep run behind all-time great point guard Stephen Curry.

The Cavaliers and Warriors are an unlikely but ideal pairing

While the Cavs and Golden State are hoping to define themselves in different ways, they may be the answer to each other's questions this trade deadline. Each team is on the search for one final piece to double down and buy into their franchise player. With Donovan Mitchell rumors swirling around the Cavaliers, a big trade at the deadline could be the final piece in proving their commitment to the star guard's long-term future in the wine and gold.

Equally, the Warriors' desire to build a contender around Curry once again could make the former rivals perfect suitors in a discussion. Where the Warriors' biggest needs exist, the Cavaliers could offer help in a trade. Likewise, Cleveland's flaws can be answered through the return Golden State could offer.