Grade the Trade: Cavaliers send Mobley to the Warriors in controversial mock deal

Evan Mobley, Cleveland Cavaliers and Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors
Evan Mobley, Cleveland Cavaliers and Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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What would a trade look like?

The Golden State Warriors have had a tumultuous season, from injuries to multiple key players to a suspension for one specific boneheaded one, and in the midst some rocky half-seasons from the former All-Stars on the roster. They sit multiple games below .500 and outside of the Play-In Tournament in the Western Conference.

It's therefore not surprising to think that they would be open to a big swing at the trade deadline. There are plenty of directions that they could go in, from going after a proven veteran to tearing down and retooling with a young core around Stephen Curry.

A middle path could be targeting a player who is both young and already dominant, and Evan Mobley fits the bill. Draymond Green is one flail away from another suspension, and when he is not on the court the Warriors' paint defense craters. Rookie center Trayce Jackson-Davis profiles as a player who will grow into a strong rim protector, but he doesn't have anywhere near the upside of Mobley.

Who would the Warriors offer for Mobley? The answer is their own athletic frontcourt player, Jonathan Kuminga, who is in the midst of the best stretch of his career starting and playing significant minutes for the Dubs.

Our sister site Blue Man Hoop ran this trade construction built around a Mobley-for-Kuminga swap. Here's what the entire deal looked like:

Mobley Kuminga trade

The Warriors would get a truly special defensive player in Evan Mobley, someone who could play with Draymond Green and learn under him. Ty Jerome resurrected his career with the Warriors and could rehab with them. Damian Jones is simply a throw-in, likely to be waived. The Warriors give up Kuminga, a future first and longtime veteran big Kevon Looney who can now back up Jarrett Allen for the Cavaliers.

Let's say the Warriors are on board with this trade - an open question given how well Kuminga has played recently. If Golden State says yes, will Cleveland do the same?