Grade the Trade: Cavaliers make their bid for contention in bold deadline proposal

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets
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Should the Cavaliers make the deal?

In short, the Cleveland Cavaliers should be willing to part ways with their homegrown forward Dean Wade to build toward contention with Dorian Finney-Smith.

Finney-Smith has connected on 40.9 percent of his 5.5 three-point attempts this season through 35 games. Additionally, Finney-Smith has a career 41.7 percent three-point shot shot throughout his four playoff runs. The former Dallas Maverick would help the Cavaliers keep their long-range volume on the upswing, stretching the frontcourt for whatever player he is put alongside on the court.

Often considered one of the NBA's most versatile defenders, it is hard to find a better match for the Cavs' needs at the deadline. While Niang joined the Cavaliers to bring floor spacing, he has never been revered as a plus defender, especially in the postseason. Finney-Smith gives Cleveland a reliable option as a two-way forward to uplift the Cavs in tough matchups.

It is no secret that the Cavaliers feel it necessary to advance further into playoffs than their last first-round saga against the New York Knicks. With Donovan Mitchell's contract extension upcoming, proving themselves as legitimate title threats in the NBA would give Mitchell due reason to re-up with the Cavs. Finney-Smith's playstyle can fit any team, and his consistent production would be a major step forward in the Cavaliers' bid for Mitchell's long-term commitment.

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Brooklyn's current asking price of multiple first-round picks is likely only an effort to gain leverage in discussions. Frankly, if Anunoby did not return future first-round picks, the Nets would be hard-pressed to outdo the Raptors in their return.

Should the Nets still hold value in Dean Wade, the balance in this proposal is worth consideration for both squads. The Cavaliers no doubt would appreciate what Dorian Finney-Smith could offer on the hardwood and in the locker room, and Brooklyn bolsters their youth movement and future possibilities.

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