Grade the Trade: Cavaliers' Donovan Mitchell joins West contender in new proposal

Will Donovan Mitchell's Cavaliers tenure end if they flame out again?
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic - Game Three
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Do the Cavaliers say yes?

Losing Donovan Mitchell would be a heartbreaking headline, as he brought immense hope for another run at greatness only four years after LeBron James' second departure from the Land. If the Cavaliers do trade him, the fanbase would need more than another team's scraps to feel okay with the divorce. Jalen Williams has become one of the league's most exciting forwards this season, and his all-around skillset could perfectly fit what the Cavaliers need.

In his sophomore season, Williams has averaged 19.1 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.5 assists on highly efficient splits. His 42.7 percent accuracy from three-point range stands out, but his overall understanding and impact on the game at a young age is outstanding. Although SGA and Holmgren the hype in OKC, they would not be the powerhouse they are without Williams.

It is likely that OKC pushes back on any deal that involves Williams, possibly viewing him as nearly untouchable. If they are in the hunt for another superstar this summer, though, Williams would almost certainly have to be in the deal.

Williams' role in Cleveland would be different from what he does in Oklahoma, though. He currently plays as a power forward at 6-foot 5-inches. With Mobley and Jarrett Allen in the frontcourt already, the Cavaliers would have to feel confident in moving Williams down to the three spot. Only 14 percent of his time on the court this season was spent at the small forward position, with the rest almost entirely at the four.

From the Cavs' perspective, this trade is a no-brainer. They get a potential All-NBA superstar in Williams with a solid backup guard in Isaiah Joe and three future firsts. If Mitchell is ready for a new home, any general manager would be foolish to say no to this deal. The future of the Cavs lays in Mobley's hands more than anybody else, meaning Cleveland will need to prioritize young players in any Mitchell trade, and Williams is the perfect candidate.

This trade would likely not go through, as the Thunder are dominating their first playoff run together in a loaded Western Conference. Williams has been a major factor in their sudden growth, and they may view him as more valuable for their long-term success than another ball-dominant guard who could take shots away from SGA and Holmgren.

. . Final Trade Grade. Mitchell to OKC grade. C+

While the Cleveland Cavaliers would love to see J Dub in the Wine and Gold for years to come, the Thunder would almost definitely decline the offer, making this final grade severely lower given the improbability. Other teams will call for Mitchell with highly exciting offers if it comes to that, though, and the Cavs may find themselves in a hopeful place by the start of next season regardless of Mitchell's long-term commitment.

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