Grade the Trade: Cavaliers add star to chase the Finals in wild Fanspo proposal

Should the Cleveland Cavaliers star chase this summer?
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Breaking down the details

The Pelicans are reaching the breaking point for Ingram and Williamson. The fit between the two star forwards has never materialized since they joined forces, and the Pelicans have already shown interest in one of Cleveland's stars for a while.

This postseason, the Pelicans were eliminated in the first round and one of the only franchises to be swept in four games. Falling short at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder, fans wasted no time building mock trades for the Pelicans to break up their star duo. Fanspo's Twitter (X) account posted a wild three-team proposal that landed the Cavaliers NOLA's Ingram.

FIXED Cavs get Ingram in three-team deal

For the past two seasons, the Pelicans have tried to lure the Cavaliers into trading All-Star center Jarrett Allen. New Orleans wanted to replace Jonas Valanciunas for Allen to bring a better interior defender to the starting frontcourt with Zion. Cleveland seemed disinterested in Jonas, declining the offers. The Cavs have continually refused, but this summer might change their view if Ingram is involved.

For the Pelicans, they finally land their long-awaited answer at center, allowing them to move on from Valanciunas and reset their defensive identity. Valanciunas will enter unrestricted free agency this summer. If the Pels swap Ingram's $36 million salary for Allen's $20 million and let Valanciunas walk for free in the offseason, they creep closer to escaping their current salary dilemma while improving their defense and overall team composition.

With both Jones and Murphy turning into two of the league's more exciting young wings, the Pelicans would be in position to start both players rather than halting one's development on the bench behind Ingram. Allen would easily negate many of Zion's defensive liabilities as a 6-foot 6-inches power forward who can often get lost on defense with his slower pace. Allen can also fit well alongside McCollum with his elite ability to finish lobs.

NOLA also adds a talented young point guard to serve as McCollum's successor in time in Anfernee Simons. Simons is still developing, but he has shown flashes of a future star and wildly talented lead guard for a competitive team. By the time McCollum hits free agency again in 2026, Simons will likely be ready to take control of the offense, if not earlier.

For the Portland Trail Blazers, they begin to solve their log jam in the backcourt, adding a proven defensive stud in Isaac Okoro to help them improve their currently poor defense. Lidell would rarely get minutes on the court, making Okoro the central piece for the Trail Blazers. Plenty of teams will try to steal Okoro from Cleveland in restricted free agency this summer, and Portland would be more than happy to add his production. If they believe they must make a choice among their current point guards, Okoro solves that question and adds a defensive identity missing from the team.

Do the Cavaliers say yes to this deal?