Grade the Trade: Cavaliers add past No. 1 pick from rival in bold offseason proposal

Should the Cleveland Cavaliers make a homecoming trade for a former No. 1 overall pick?
Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Do the Cavaliers say yes?

For the Cavaliers to accept this deal, they must feel comfortable with the possibility that Wiggins will never reach the production he showed in Golden State's 2022 Finals run. For Cleveland, that insurance comes in the form of Moses Moody, a talented young wing with athletic cuts to the rim, impactful shooting and positive defensive effort.

In Golden State's second unit this season, Moody averaged 8.1 points on 36 percent from deep in 17.5 minutes per game. The 21-year-old wing could prove to be a long-term solution for the Cavaliers' forward rotation as a young talent with postseason experience and success.

Additionally, this trade would solidify Mobley's role as the leading center on the Cavs; however, it would leave their frontcourt shallow without a backup five unless Cleveland signs Tristan Thompson to another contract this summer. Instead, this deal gives the Cavaliers an ideal backup center in Kevon Looney. Looney has carved a spot in the league as a resilient rebounding force and interior defender.

Alongside Allen, the Cavs lose their best bench producer with Caris LeVert leaving the squad. Every player joining the Warriors would be sorely missed by the Cavaliers, but the impact Moody and Looney would provide and Wiggins' potential resurgence makes this trade a reasonable option for Cleveland. If the Cavaliers pull off this trade, their starting lineup would have versatility, adding Dean Wade to the starting five and a myriad of options at the small forward position. Throughout this year, Max Strus filled the role, but either Wiggins or Moody could prove to be a better answer in time.

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With improved depth and across the board, the Cleveland Cavaliers would have to consider this deal, though they may find a transaction with a more guaranteed return than Andrew Wiggins. Moody and Looney have the potential to impact winning for the Cavaliers for years, making a bad fit with Wiggins less destructive. If Wiggins can come back to prominence, his influence on the team that drafted him and later traded him for Kevin Love would be game-changing.

Still, the chances that the loss of Allen and LeVert cannot be reconciled devalues the trade on paper. The Cavaliers are in position to make an all-in move this summer as buyers, but it will require Cleveland to part with at least one member of their current core four. While the Cavs are likely coming to the conclusion of the Mobley-Allen frontcourt in favor of Mobley's sudden growth, other franchises may be willing to offer a better instant return for Jarrett Allen and company.

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