Grade the Trade: Cavaliers add past No. 1 pick from rival in bold offseason proposal

Should the Cleveland Cavaliers make a homecoming trade for a former No. 1 overall pick?
Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers
Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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What the Cavaliers x Warriors trade could look like

After another disappointing season and Curry's continued dominance as a leading guard in the Association, the generational star may put pressure on the front office to upgrade the core for one final chance with the dynastic franchise. While they may never achieve another 73-9 season, the Warriors' talented youth with Jonathan Kuminga and Brandin Podziemski alongside the storied veterans leading the way should be enough to take another swing at a title.

Still, the Warriors cannot dump all of their assets into an aging star with little return such as Paul George. Golden State does not need a solidified star, but they must find an answer to their poor size and interior defense. Green's role as a 6-foot 6-inch bully center has come to an end, and the Warriors must adjust to add a new defensive anchor to the starting frontcourt. This is where Cleveland enters the picture.

Where the Warriors need size and defense, the Cavaliers need shooting and depth. If Golden State is ready to lean into their youth movement without giving up their legacy star trio, the Cavaliers may be enticed by a deal including other Bay options and a possible homecoming for a former Cleveland number one overall pick.

Cavaliers Allen to GSW Trade

If the Warriors hope to manage their inflated cap sheet, moving off Andrew Wiggins' contract is the first step. In this deal, Golden State brings in Jarrett Allen with two years left on his contract at $20 million per season and two expiring deals in Caris LeVert and sharpshooter Sam Merrill. Both LeVert and Merrill have the skillset to elevate the Warriors without breaking the bank. While they do not add an All-NBA talent in this proposal, they find a long-term answer at the center position without surrendering any draft compensation.

LeVert set himself apart as a premier sixth man in the NBA, and Merrill offers another reliable option as a spark plug on the perimeter, knocking down deep looks from off-ball movement and dribble hand-off actions with Allen. Merrill's shooting talents are reminiscent of the Warriors' dynamic offensive sets that led to their decade-long success, making him a perfect fit as a bench shooter in the final years of Curry's historic career.

Additionally, Allen could thrive alongside Kuminga as the future frontcourt duo in the Bay while also adding to the Warriors' current potential to make a deep playoff run. Moving on from Wiggins' overpriced contract is not a simple puzzle, though, making Kevon Looney and Moses Moody sweeteners to send to the Cavaliers to make it worth it for Cleveland to take on his salary.

Should the Cavaliers take a chance on their former rookie Wiggins after a disastrous down year with Donovan Mitchell's contract extension looming over their heads?