Grade the Trade: Cavaliers trade Warriors for Draymond Green in wild proposal

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors and Jarrett Allen, Cleveland Cavaliers
Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors and Jarrett Allen, Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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It's not just that the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled to start the season, nor that they are sitting firmly in the Play-In Tournament part of the standings after 26 games. It's also not only that the Cavaliers have to play the next month without two of their three-best players, and another month without Evan Mobley.

It's also that the rest of the Eastern Conference playoff field looks here to stay. In addition to the expected playoff teams like the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, younger teams like the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers have taken a big step forward and don't look like flukes. Climbing back into the Top 6 will not be an easy task.

The Cavaliers should consider bold moves

The Cavs should be prepared to have to fight their way into the playoffs from the Play-In Tournament, and then advance as a lower seed. That's a daunting task, so they should be prepared to make bold moves to equip themselves for a postseason run this year and beyond. A flop of a season in 2023-24 may result in Donovan Mitchell requesting an exit.

As the Cavaliers consider trade options, one potential suitor could be the Western Conference's most disappointing squad, another team expected to be competing at the top of the conference but instead sitting much further down the standings. The Golden State Warriors are reaching the point of desperation and could therefore be open to a bold trade of their own.

Bleacher Report recently pitched a handful of trades for the Warriors, and one of them included the Warriors and Cavs doing business together. Let's look at the trade that was pitched and see if it makes sense for both teams.