It's Clobbering Time: How Cavaliers logged their best win of the season

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers
Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers / Ron Schwane/GettyImages
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1. Max Strus and Georges Niang proving their worth

The Cavs shelled out a lot of money in the offseason to bring in Max Strus, and Georges Niang, as their shooting ability was what the team needed. Coming into the Wizards game though, both of them had been in a slump.

Max Strus had been in a dreadful slump from three-point range. In the month of December, he shot only 29 percent from three, and in his previous five games, he was shooting a frigid 24 percent from three. This has caused Strus to post his lowest shooting percentages since his rookie year in 2019.

As for Niang, he was not much better in December, as he shot a chilly 30 percent from three. However, both players busted out of their slumps in a huge way.

Strus went five-for-five from three in the first half, and finished the game with six three-pointers and 24 points. Niang finished with 15 points and was three-of-seven from three-point range.

This is what the Cavs brought these two players in for. They brought them to space the floor, bring high energy, and provide veteran leadership and experience to this roster. When both guys are shooting the ball this well, the Cavs are that much more dangerous. Now, it is all about maintaining that consistent level of play, and playing within the offense like they did tonight. This is what the Cavs paid almost 90 million dollars for. It was a huge night for Strus, and Niang, and they are going to be needed during this injury-riddled stretch.