Cleveland Cavaliers: Was J.B. Bickerstaff really the problem?

J.B Bickerstaff was let go as Cavaliers' head coach Thursday morning. In a summer that could see a lot of moves, will the front office look the same?
Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day
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Rebuilding through the Draft

In the summer of 2018, LeBron James would depart for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cavaliers instantly went from contenders to rebuilding mode. The unprotected pick from the Kyrie Irving trade was a great start to the new Cavaliers era. Altman navigated the rebuild, trusting in the draft and homegrown talent in the beginning.

Koby Altman would have top-eight picks to work with from 2018-2021. With those picks he selected Collin Sexton (eighth pick, 2018), Darius Garland (fifth pick, 2019), Isaac Okoro (fifth pick, 2020), and Evan Mobley (third pick, 2021). No busts with those selections, and Garland and Mobley are looking to have bright futures as young stars in the league. However, three drafts in a row - Koby would select a prospect 6-foot 5-inches or younger with clear deficiencies.

When a team is rebuilding, it is wise to take the best available player as opposed to worrying about fit. And that is what Altman and the Cavaliers did from 2018-2020 for the most part. With the selections of Sexton, Garland and Okoro, the Cavaliers selected three small guards and would worry about the lineup fit later. Garland and Sexton quickly didn't seem to be cohesive together, as both players were undersized and wanted the ball in their hands a lot. Koby Altman at least had assembled a team of talented players with value and potential, whether it was with the Cavaliers or a future trade.