5 Unpopular trades the Cavaliers should explore this summer

The Cavaliers may make moves fans don’t love to improve their roster this offseason.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell
Cleveland Cavaliers, Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Deal Caris LeVert for wing upgrade

Adding Max Strus has been a significant upgrade, but the Cavaliers need more help on the wing. Strus shoots 34.0 percent from 3-point range, and LeVert sits at 32.1 percent. Sam Merrill, Isaac Okoro, and Dean Wade are all making over 39 percent to balance things out, but the Cavs would ideally add a strong shooter and stout defender to their mix, especially if they keep their undersized backcourt together.

LeVert won’t have a ton of trade value, but his $16.6 million salary is a strong match for upgrading their roster. Cleveland could add another piece or two to get them in the ballpark of $25 million.

Cleveland has their 2024 first-rounder available on draft night plus a pick swap in 2030 and multiple seconds. It is not the biggest package, but the Cavaliers could certainly find a workable deal.

Caris LeVert has just one year left on his contract, so any rebuilding team would be willing to take it. For the Cavs, it is all about finding the right piece. They might even add LeVert to a larger trade that splits up their Big 4 and reshapes their roster. It is just a question of which member the Cleveland Cavaliers deal away.